Lower the Cost of Solar with Canada's 2022 Green Home's Initiative and Hydro's Net Metering Policy 

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Curious about the cost of solar panels in the Greater Toronto Area?
Solar panels are becoming more popular to Toronto and Ontario homeowners largely thanks to Hyrdo's net metering policy and 2022 solar incentives from Canada’s Greener Homes Initiative. These solar panel rebates provide up to $5,000 for a new solar power system and interest free loans up to $40,000 for residential solar panel systems. 

With over a decade of experience installing solar panel systems for homes and business throughout Ontario, we have the expertise, knowledge, and dedicated team of support staff to ensure the utmost satisfaction to our customers. Go Maple Leafs! 

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We understand you want peace of mind. At Terawatt Solar we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and system results. You’ll get it with full, friendly support and quality control beginning with design and implementation to post-installation and maintenance. We have invested heavily in our turnkey service offering, so you can be fully confident in the reliability and quality of our services. Read our reviews on Google and Yelp!
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Why Go Solar in Toronto and Ontario? 
Take Advantage of Hydro's Net Metering and Save Thousands On Your Electric Bill
Own Your Own Electricity with the Sun and Increase Your Home's Value
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Help Promote Renewable Energy Adoption in Canada
Hedge Against Rising Electricity Costs and Take Advantage of Canada's Solar Incentives While They Last
Take Advantage of Hydro's Net Metering
Net metering allows you to send excess electricity you generate from your solar panels to the distribution system for a credit toward your energy costs. In essence, it’s a “trade” of electricity you supply against electricity you consume. The Net Metering program gives GTA homeowners the power to better manage energy costs. When you’re producing more renewable electricity than you can use, Hydro will take the surplus supply back to the grid. In return, the utility will give you a credit on your bill to help pay for those times when you’re not generating enough power and drawing from the grid helping expedite the ROI for your solar system investment.
Did You Know?
❗️As an Ontario home owner your electricity bill has increased by over 80% in the last decade.

❗️This rate will continue to increase, resulting in your electricity bill to double in the next 10 years.

❗️Your home is losing value without you knowing.
Become Energy Independent With Solar Power 
  • Offset Your Energy Bill: Net Metering in Ontario gives you the opportunity to use solar energy to power your home while offsetting your electricity bill. 
  • Receive Electricity Credits : If the amount of electricity produced exceeds the amount required to power your home, you can give the remaining amount back to your local provider in exchange for electricity credits that can be deducted from future usage.
Why Choose Terawatt Solar as Your Solar Company?


Homeowners trust Terawatt Solar knowing we provide strong references from clients we have served for over a decade. Our clients will tell you that we continue to monitor and support their solar power installation long after their system is commissioned. We are currently offering eight years warranty on our installation labour.

Full Turn Key Solution

We take care of everything to do with your solar. We stock the product, supply, manage, install, & inspect to ensure you are getting the best service possible.

Quality Assurance

With our years of experience and thousands of residential solar systems sold, we were able to create a strict quality control program that assures every installation is done to the highest standards.  

Neighbourhood Advantage

Since the Government of Ontario ended all incentives for renewable energies, TeraWatt Solar has created our very own “Neighbourhood Advantage” program. Our unique approach allows users to lock in reduced electricity rates for 25 years, offering Ontario homeowners price security for electricity regardless of increases to the Hydro rates
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